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Welcome to Microdevices Home

The Microdevices Laboratory (MDL) is an 11,000 square foot cleanroom, located on the JPL campus. The facility was built in early nineties to provide end-to-end capabilities for growth, fabrication, and characterization of advanced electronic material and devices. MDL was and is envisioned to
create and deliver high risk, high payoff technologies for JPL and NASA's future planetary, astrophysics, and Earth science missions.

MDL functions as a multi-user and shared equipment facility, which is open to all JPL personnel, as well as universities and other NASA centers. The MDL
facility consists of class 10 to class 100,000 clean rooms with over 130 individual pieces of processing equipment for lithography, materials growth &
deposition, wet & dry etching, thermal processing, and optical/structural/electronic characterization.

Microdevices Laboratory (MDL) Annual Report 2012

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Microdevices Laboratory (MDL) Annual Report 2008

Microdevices Laboratory (MDL) Annual Report 2007


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